A Stroll thru the Garden

I find wandering in the garden on Sunday afternoons very peaceful. Being in the nursery trade, this time of year can be a blur and if we don’t watch it we can miss some of the great plants blooming in our garden. Today I was walking about and I noticed this great Hellebore in bloom. Helleborus argutifolius or Corsican Hellebore was stunning with it’s apple-green flowers. Of all the Hellebores available this variety has to be one of my favorites. Great flower colour from march to May and then you can enjoy it’s grey-green foliage with it’s saw toothed edges the rest of the year. The only maintenance this plant receives is a trimming of the flowers once there done blooming, easy peasy. This plant grows 18-24″ tall by 24″ wide in shade to semi shade in well drained loamy soil, a true specimen.