Brambles Bistro is now open!

After nine months of construction we are pleased to announce that Brambles Bistro is now open.   We are excited to say that many years of dreaming have led to the construction of a brand new building in the garden that is home to a beautiful gift store as well as Brambles Bistro.  Chef Kayla Schapansky (daughter no 2) formerly of Ramada Plaza and Conference Centre and Ravens at the Airport and Chef Sarah Kruk also formerly of Ramada as well as Quazines and Roasted Grape  are whipping up some delicious lunch and brunch items as well as homemade pastries and goodies.

Arnold says you have to try the homemade pies and his favorite the Tandoori chicken wrap and of course The Caffe Umbria Coffee.   My favorites are impossible to say, it changes every day but the Moroccon  Breakfast or the Parisian Croque Monsieur Sandwich are definitely worth trying.  If you are looking for something a little lighter try the Waffles.  Kayla and Sarah serve up 3 mini waffles with your choice of chocolate ganache, Lavender creme, or Bramble  berry compote.  Delicious.  Whatever you come in to try it will be fresh, homemade and made with local ingredients.  Some as close as the back door.

So whether you choose to sit inside and enjoy the warm decor or enjoy the buzz of birds and bees on the patio we know you will enjoy the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere along with great food or just a simple cup of coffee.

We look forward to serving you.