Taste, Smell, Experience. Brambles Bistro

When you close your eyes and imagine a bistro, thoughts of Paris, a foamy robust cappuccino, a low lit room filled with friends and the smell of fresh baguette in the oven typically enter your mind.  The history of the word bistro is somewhat of a mystery. Some believe it is derived from the Russian word bystro, meaning quickly. While stationed in Paris,  Russian officers would shout, “bysto”  to receive their food in a hurry. (We will try not to judge if you come in and holler, “bystro!” because you didn’t make it to the end of the column) Others say the name bistro comes from an apertif, called a bistrouille, a mixture of coffee and brandy.

Whichever the true meaning of the word, there are certain associations one strives to develop when attempting to create that particular bistro experience.  We are looking to perfect and maintain simplicity while extracting and enhancing the natural flavor from our fresh ingredients. Bistro food is something you could eat everyday, it’s comforting, traditional and familiar.

Is it too much of a stretch to say that  developing the feel and experience of a bistro is similar to developing the flavors and smells associated with the food? Both require technique and time. Each attempts to achieve a welcoming sense of comfort. As well as holding true to the standard and label. As any of you who have made french onion soup at home know, there is something to be said for the transcendent change of flavor and effort that Julia Child originally begged of us. For the somewhat painstaking, I must admit, time it takes to achieve that perfect balance, not to mention the involuntary onion tears,  it’s the difference between everyday and perfection. We strive to provide simple excellence, one dish at a time.

Perhaps, after you visit us at Brambles, thoughts of your experience here will enter your mind when envisioning a bistro!