A German Christmas

Brenda has been collecting Inge glass ornaments  for the past 7 years and I got the chance to go into their home and grab a few photos of this beautiful glass filled tree.   Each ornament has a story, brings back a memory or represents a friend or family member.  As her eldest granddaughter,  Audrey, is quickly growing old enough to help decorate, Brenda had the opportunity this year to share these stories and create memories and traditions that will surely carry forward to each Christmas season.

Inge Glas, one of the many treasures at Tanglebank available during the holiday season go hand in hand with our ornate wooden nutcrackers and our little smoking men.

Nutcrackers have been around since as far back as the 17th century, visions of these intricate wooden creations being carved by the fireside as families busily prepared for the Christmas feast.  Many of the early nutcrackers were carved as generals, kings and policemen.

Today, a nutcracker in your home is said to bring good luck to those who believe in him! In fact, this is where the renowned Nutcracker Ballet’s story originated.

The Bible tells the story of the Three Wisemen bearing gifts for the baby Jesus, of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Smoking men or the “rauchermen” were carved to burn such incense on the longest night of the year to ward off bad luck!

We carry both of these unique and luck bearing gifts in our shop during the Christmas season, so if you’re looking for a beautiful addition to your Christmas collection, or to celebrate some German tradition, this is the place to be!

Frohe Weihnachten!


Christmas Greens


Come down and create a beautiful wreath or garland for your home this season.
Most greens can last approximately one week indoors without water but they will last throughout the Christmas holidays if they are kept outside. So,  a  piece of advice to save yourself some stress during the busy shopping season:  come down and make your wreath or garland and leave it outside until your house guests start to arrive!
Noble Fir $6.99/ bundle

Large Frosted Sticks $9.99

Dogwood tips 12.99

Long stems 5.50/stick

Eucalyptus $20.00

Magnolia long 16.99 bundle

Ilex berries 3.99

Rosehips 1.99

Florida juniper blue berries $12.99

Pine cones

Incense Cedar (yellow tips)

Using some winter greens on your mantle or in your entranceway is a great way to add a fresh woodsy feel to your home this year!  And nothing can beat that Christmas pine smell!