Specialty Soup & Salad Week at Brambles

This week we is a Specialty Soup & Salad week!
We are featuring our brand new

Classic chowder with salmon, shrimp, potatoes, sweet peas, fennel and artichokes
baked en croute with a pastry top



Rice and buckwheat noodles, fresh snap peas, mango, bell peppers, bean sprouts and mint, black sesame and roasted peanuts,
served in a lettuce cup with coconut-lime vinaigrette

Whether you are in the mood for warm comfort food that’s reminiscent of growing up on the West Coast or the punch of delicious, other world flavours in the Asian Noodle Salad.
These two dishes will be featured this week from Tuesday , January 28th – Saturday, February 1st

Brambles Weekly Breakfast

Tuesday 21st – Saturday 25th

BRAND NEW breakfast items being served this Tuesday to Saturday!

Shrimp & Avocado Breakfast Sandwich

Oceanwise Cajun Shrimp, easy over egg, feta cheese, red onion, spinach and lime aioli.

Served with roast potatoes or fresh fruit

Mushroom-Asparagus Frittata

Three eggs, double crème brie, arugula and bell-banana pepper relish

Cherry Chocolate French Toast

Sour cherry compote, chocolate cream cheese mousse, toasted almonds and sweet cherry-citrus syrup

Whether you’re craving the fresh taste of shrimp and avocado, creamy mushroom and asparagus with a fluffy egg frittata or decadent cherry chocolate inspired by upcoming Valentine’s Day, be the first to come down and try out new breakfast additions for the week!