Dig Into Spring!

Spring Workship

Sometimes when we’ve made it through the brown tinged grass, grey skies, dripping eaves, scarves and wooly sweaters with the constant sense of the hem of your jeans being slightly wet from the soggy ground that is an Abbotsford winter (and lets face it most of the year) we deserve a reward, a crisp burst of colour. April 12th is the weekend to make this happen!

We will give you some inspiration, advice and expertise and a chance to put together something that is warm and fresh and a contrast to the grey-brown we’ve been living in! Come out to our Annual Spring Container Workshop! We have containers for purchase or if you have something that needs some life and love, bring that along and we will help you fill it with fillers, spillers and thrillers, all for the cost of the plants you choose.

Please call in advance to reserve a spot in the workshop.

Happy Spring!


The most important meal of the day – Breakfast!


With the changing seasons comes the ever so exciting changing of Brambles menu! This Spring we are starting with a larger breakfast menu with more delicious options than ever before! April 1st will be the first day of the new breakfast menu, with our lunch menu changing just a few weeks following.

I hope you’re enjoying a gorgeous, sunny, First Day of Spring!

Top of the Mornin to You!

Our grasses may not be as green and  the closest castle may be Castle Fun Park but we’ve got potatoes, Guinness, redheads and a pack of excellent chefs and that’s close enough! As some of you may or may not recall, St. Patrick’s Day is coming up on Monday and we are spreading the luck of the Irish over the entire week! We don’t want anyone to miss out on these hearty and delicious dishes! So put on something green and come and celebrate St Patrick’s day with us next week!

“May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light. May good luck pursue you each morning and night.”



Our Favourite Filipino dish!

Play on words aside, this week I would like to introduce you to one of Brambles chefs, Leo!

Leo grew up in the Philippines.  His earliest memories in the kitchen are from when he was 12 years old and began creating Filipino and Asian dishes on his own for his family.  His first job was at a chicken processing company in the Philippines, therefore a natural transition when he decided moving to Canada would be a good change and a fun experience, was to get a job at Rossdown Farms, once again working with the chickens. Three years later in 2010 his family joined him here in Abbotsford.  Leo has two daughters aged 4 and 18 and a 13 year old son.  His wife, Tess and he fell in love in the Philippines in 1992.

To a Canadian, some Filipino dishes are quite unusual – think Balut…. a boiled duck embryo still in the shell -So, I couldn’t help asking what the craziest thing he’d eaten was – he gave balut a (surprisingly) raving review, however,  Snake Soup, Turtle and Komodo dragon are the most unusual he’s had!  Despite these curious dishes, his favorite foods to prepare are braised meats and pasta dishes.  He dabbles in Filipino, Asian and French cuisine.

We are celebrating with Leo because he is a joy to be around in the kitchen, always bearing a huge grin and because he has just passed his Level 2 (ITA) Industrial Training Authority Exam!  Leo has fascinating dreams for his future; he plans to open a restaurant with his family, having his 18-year-old daughter who is following in her fathers’ footsteps as a co-chef.  They will serve a mix between fare from the Philippines and France, at their very own place called ‘Villa’s Restaurant’. Leo has a heart for the food and creation and when asked why he became a chef he simply said, “ I love cooking and always want to learn more, if I stop learning I’m done.”

Keep an eye open for this treasure over the next few years, until then; we are blessed to call him one Brambles own!