Charles Aarons to provide live acoustic guitar music on Sweetheart Sunday

Charles Aarons playing at Brambles Bistro

Charles Aarons playing at Brambles Bistro

Sweetheart Sunday just got better!  Charles Aarons, North American Acoustic guitar performer and recording artist will be playing live at Brambles Bistro during our Sweetheart Sunday event!

Valentines Brunch at Brambles Bistro

If you haven’t yet booked your spot (you’re welcome to bring the kids!) then call right away as it’s filling up quickly.

To get all the details on the menu and time, please go here:

To make a reservation either email or call 604.856.9339

Plants that detoxify indoor air

You can detoxify indoor air with just a few house plants.

In our previous article on Indoor Gardening we shared about how Kamal Meattle, Delhi based researcher and popular TED presenter, gave details about an indepth study of the effect of plants on indoor air quality,

In this article, we’re going to give you even more ways in which to not only produce clean air, but detoxify your existing indoor air.

These days, most homes are filled with a variety of toxic gases produced by everything from furniture to carpets to wall paint.  When our homes are air tight and energy efficient this means that we are breathing in even more of these toxic fumes on a daily basis.

Kamal Meattle’s research shows that if you put Areca Palm, Mother-in-Law’s-Tongue and the Money Plant in a room, these plants will work together to create fresh air all day and all night. Meattle says that the Money Plant  removes very harmful  toxins such as formaldehyde from the indoor environment.

Deby Barnhart of Cornell Farm references NASA research by Dr. B.C. Wolverton. This research substantiates Meattle’s findings and shows that there are quite a few plants that will remove not only formaldehyde, but also benzine and trichloroethylene amongst other pollutants.

The plants she suggests for removal of formaldehyde are Pathos, Philodendron, Boston Ferns and Spider Plants.

In case you thought that your environment didn’t have any formaldehyde off gassing, remember that this will be produced by many carpets, cleaners, foam insulation, some furniture, paper products, plywood and particle board… just your everyday, common place home components!

Adhesives, dry cleaning, inks and dyes, lacquers, paints and varnishes also produce toxic gases including trichloroethylene. However, those beautiful Gerbera Daisies and potted Mums we love so much are great at eliminating these harmful substances.

detoxify indoor airBenzine is another very common toxic by product of very ordinary, everyday things in the home and office.  It is produced by detergents, inks and dyes, petroleum products, plastics, rubber, synthetic fibres and even tobacco smoke. To clean this out, try Draecena along with Gerbera Daisies and potted Mums.

The NASA study suggests using 1 plant for every 100 square feet of space to maximize absorption.

The bottom line is that if you want a ‘human’ friendly home with good, clean fresh air, you can achieve it with some easy to grow, low maintenance indoor plants.  Come in and chat with us to find out what will work best for you in your home.

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Breakfast!

Join us on Shrove Tuesday for a gourmet Pancake Breakfast!

Sour Cherry & Chocolate Pancake with Orange Chantilly Cream Maple Syrup

Here’s what’s on the menu:

Sour Cherry & Chocolate Pancake
with Orange Chantilly Cream
Maple Syrup

Candied Bacon Pancake with Bourbon
Maple Syrup

Join us on Shrove Tuesday, February 9th to enjoy!  Call 604.856.9339 or email to book!  Space is limited so hurry!

Sweetheart Sunday: Valentine’s Sweetheart Brunch

Valentines Brunch at Brambles Bistro

VAlentines Day Brunch at Brambles Bistro


February 14th is Sweetheart Sunday & we’re hosting a fabulous Valentine’s Brunch from 10am to 2pm for you and someone you love.

Everyone’s welcome, including kids.  Scroll down to see our Valentine’s Brunch Menu for Kids.

Valentines 2016
Brambles Bistro Sweetheart Brunch

$26 per person

Fresh Fruit Salad with Vanilla Bean Yogurt
Honey Granola Bites
Served With Cranberry Orange Scone
& Devonshire Cream

choice of
White Chocolate French Toast
Raspberry Coulis & Orange Chantilly Cream
topped with roasted hazelnuts

Sweet Potato Rosti, Two Sunnyside Eggs,
Mango Red Pepper Pico de Gallo
cilantro cream fraiche

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict, Hollandaise &
Tossed Micro Green Salad & Roasted Potatoes

Included a Cup of Café Umbria Coffee
Or Tea
Chocolate Dipped Strawberry & Hand Rolled Chocolate Truffle

Mulled Raspberry Sunrise Mimosa $6.50

Kids Valentines Brunch Menu 2016

$13 per person

Seasonal Fruit Kebab with Raspberry yogurt

choice of
French toast with Strawberry Compote, Whip Cream
& Maple Syrup
Bacon and Eggs

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry & Mini Chocolate Cupcake

Includes choice of Shirley Temple or Hot Chocolate

Please call 604.856.9339 or email to reserve your spot!


Indoor Gardening: Easy And Healthy!

indoor gardening

Indoor gardening is the perfect antidote for stress!

Life can be stressful and not just mentally and emotionally. We’re constantly being bombarded by pollutants in the air at work and at home.

Is there anything you can do to counteract this? After all, the air we breathe is essential for life and it’s all around us. According to the research, one of the best things you can do for your health is to bring the outdoors inside.

indoor gardening

We’re big advocates for indoor gardening because it’s one of the fastest, easiest and simplest ways to way to overcome the issues created by polluted air.

Not only that, but indoor gardening is fun!  Indoor gardening is good therapy.  It relaxes you, lowers your stress levels while increasing your ability to focus and be productive.  Indoor plants clean the air, add visual beauty and help absorb ambient noise creating an environment that’s tranquil, calm and inspiring.

In our B.C. climate, indoor gardening is the answer to the Winter Blues and helps those of us who are itching to get out into our gardens to stave off the frustration of waiting for winter to turn into spring.

Even if you have a very small indoor space, you can still take advantage of this cost-effective form of ‘therapy’ both at home and even in your workplace. This information from Lindsay Holmes and Alissa Scheller explains a little more about the process of how to choose plants that will thrive in your specific indoor situation, whether it’s low or bright light, as well as the size of the space and the visual impact you want to create.

Want to grow your own fresh air? 

Kamal Meattle, Delhi based researcher and popular TED presenter, did an indepth study of the effect of plants on indoor air quality, and you’ll be amazed by what he discovered. Not only can you improve indoor air quality, but you can also ‘create’ your own fresh air by using the correct plants in the right ratios.
For instance, Meattle says that if you put Areca Palm, Mother-in-Law’s-Tongue and the Money Plant in an indoor space, they will create fresh air all day and all night.
These plants are so effective, that they will produce fresh air even if they are placed in an airtight dome that has had all the oxygen removed.
Meattle also discovered that certain plants, one being the Money Plant,  also cleans very harmful  toxins like formaldehyde out of an enclosed indoor spaces.  It is literally a cleaning or purifying tool that provides you with clean, fresh air.

One of the side benefits is that these plants can be used to create ‘green areas’ and visual screens in your home or office.  Another added advantage is that they’re fairly easy to grow, so you don’t need ‘green thumbs’. 

In our next article, we’ll tell you about some NASA research on indoor plants that’s just as fascinating!  In the meantime, enjoy this video by Kamal Meattle where he explains his research.