A glimpse into Tanglebank’s history

A glimpse into Tanglebank's History

As we’re turning 20 this year, we thought you might enjoy a glimpse into Tanglebank’s history…

Tanglebank's HistoryTanglebank’s history began a long time ago.  Here’s what happened:


Far, far away and long, long ago, there was a man by the name of Harold Bowles. Harold was a farmer who decided to seek his fortune thousands of miles away from his birth place in England in 1912, long before anyone ever imagined a gorgeous boutique country nursery, bistro or store in Abbotsford. Harold found himself in Nipiwin, Saskatchewan where “Tanglebank” was born.

Harold named his farm “Tanglebank” in honor of a bank of tangled Saskatoon berry bushes on the farm.


By 1946, Harold decided to move his farm to Gladwin Rd, Abbotsford. His daugther, Linda Treliving, Arnold’s Mom, eventually moved the enterprise to “Tanglebank’s” current location in Downes Road.

Arnold inherited his grandfather’s love of the land and in 1996, he and Brenda began to fulfill their dream by creating “Tanglebank Gardens” and later “Brambles Bistro”.


Since it’s humble beginnings, “Tanglebank” has evolved into a thriving destination location.

Arnold and Brenda’s children are all involved in it’s growth and operation.  Lauren, a horticulturalist, began with growing small fruits and vegetables, while Kayla, a chef, spearheaded Brambles Bistro, developing the original West Coast fusion menu. Daryl and a partner run the landscaping business while Andrew builds our display counters and serves in the Bistro from time to time. Our son-in-law, Luke, builds all the outdoor trellises and arbours. Even the grandchildren can be seen watering vegetables and catching rides in wheelbarrows.

We think that Harold would have loved what “Tanglebank” has grown into and would have been proud to see 5 generations living close to the land they love.

Swiss Made Honey Soap

We’re excited to let you know that we’ve just received a shipment of Swiss made Honey Soap.

Swiss Made honey soap

This Honey soap is the ultimate in luxurious living with it’s smooth, creamy texture and just a hint of wild rose. 

Purity from the Swiss who are known for their excellence in everything they do, from watches, to chocolates to … honey soap.

We have a limited stock so hurry in to sample this indulgence for yourself!

We have Seeds!

vegetable garden

The Seeds have arrived!

WestCoastSeedsWe’ve just received a big selection of seeds, so if you want to get planting, now’s the time! 

Get those seedlings planted so that by the time the warmer weather arrives, they’re ready to transition to the outdoors.  Or, if you prefer, you can begin your own indoor garden.

Fresh, home grown, organic vegetables are  healthy for you.  Growing your own veggies is a fun project for the whole family and it has been shown to have therapeutic psychological benefits for both adults and children.

If you’ve been reading our blog, you’ll have seen our recent post on permaculture – if not, read it now and be inspired to start your own local permaculture revolution.  It all begins with planting a seed!

Come on in to Tanglebank Gardens and we’ll set you up with everything you need.

The Beautiful Simplicity of Permaculture.


The Beautiful Simplicity of Permaculture.

Permaculture is a fascinating concept that’s quickly becoming the latest hot trend in gardening and agriculture. Just as with any gardening method, there are plenty of opinions about what permaculture is and why it’s so important.

In the video below, you’ll hear a great explanation. Contrary to what many believe, permaculture is technique that is supportive of both the environment and its human occupants. It’s regenerative, restorative, self sustaining and stable.

In modern agriculture, we’ve seen the growth of the mega-farm and the dying out of the small family farm. Mega-farms are formed when big conglomerates buy up small family farms and begin mass farming crops. Under this system, acres and acres of farmland are dedicated to a single crop. In many ways, this is reminiscent of conveyor belt production where one person will repetitively repeat the same small task hundreds of times a day in order to increase productivity.

Permaculture, on the other hand, allows the same acre, or part of an acre, to be planted with diverse crops all growing simultaneously and in harmony. Not surprisingly, this makes it far easier for ordinary people to become engaged in growing their own food. Some are doing so even on suburban lots of a fifth of an acre or less.

In Pasadena, California, one such permaculture operation is run by a family in their 1/10th acre suburban garden. They are able to not only supply almost all their own needs, they have an excess of high quality produce that they’re able to sell at local farmer’s markets and to high end restaurants. They grow over 6000lbs of crops a year comprising over 400 varieties of plants. The children in the family have grown up with this simpler, healthier life style and now, as adults, want to continue the tradition.

Permaculture is the antithesis of the large agribusiness industry. It’s a return to the way our ancestors lived. Simply, sustainably and successfully developing a deeper relationship with the land and with each other. The heart of permaculture is the nurture of both people and the environment.

If you’re interested in finding out more about permaculture, please feel free to come into Tanglebank Gardens and chat with us.

Daisy Dollars Are Back!

Daisy Dollars are back!

daisy dollars

We all love getting more for our money – and we especially love getting free stuff!  Which is why you’ll be excited to hear that our very popular Daisy Dollars are back!

Here’s how ti works:

  • Come in and spend $10 get $1 back in Daisy Dollars
  • Keep those Daisy Dollars safe and during July you can bring them all in and redeem them!

It’s that simple!  The more you spend, the more daisy dollars you get and the more you’ll have to redeem during July.  Which is a good thing because we have loads of very special, one-of-a-kind items in store. Which is also good, because it means that you can treat yourself or someone special to interesting gifts you won’t find elsewhere!

We Love These Michel Design Works!

Michel design works

A few new arrivals from popular Michel Design Works Collections!

Michel Design Works Into the Woods

We love Michel Design Works Collections – they are so popular that we keep needing to bring in more!   These beautiful products are so luxurious and indulgent and are the epitome of gracious hospitality and charm.

We recently received a new shipment containing a variety of gorgeous and fragrant items just in time to get rid of the winter blues and bring in a touch of spring.  Take a look at a few of items you’ll find in store:

A few items from the Lemon Verbena Collection:

LV lotion2 LV room diffuser 2  Michel Design Works




A few items from the Rose Geranium Collection:

Michel Design Works Rose Geranium Collectio

Michel Design Works Rose Geranium CollectioMichel Design Works Rose Geranium Collectio





A few items from the ‘Into the Woods’ Collection:

nap272 Michel Design Works INto the Woods





Michel Design Works INto the Woods

Michel Design Works INto the Woods





A few items from the Lapin Collection:

pillows-250 Michel Design Works Lapin Collection naph250






We have a large range of soaps, lotions, bubble bath, diffusers, napkins, pillows and more!  Why not stop by the store and see for yourself.  These are ideal gifts for someone special – and they’re wonderful to enjoy in your own home as well.

Your purchase can help African Moms

Twigz at Tanglebank Gardens African Moms

Your purchase can help African Moms raise their children and escape poverty!

We are excited to announce that we are now carrying some exciting new hand picked items from the very unique Twigz collections.

Why should you care about helping? If you’ve watched the video above, you’ll understand how your purchase is making a huge difference in the lives of Ugandan families and more specifically African Moms and their children.  The Moms creating these one-of-a-kind decor and jewelry items have been able to leave low paying, back breaking work in a local quarry and work from home.  They now earn enough to support their children. Instead of having to leave them alone to fend for themselves, these Moms can now feed, clothe and send them to school!

When you take a look at these fabulous hand made products you’ll not only know how worthwhile your purchase is, but you’ll also be proud to own and display or wear it!  It’s a truly grass-roots designer movement!

Here are a few of the Twigz items we have in store right now:


twigz home decor at Tanglebank Gardens African Moms twigz home decor at Tanglebank Gardens African Moms twigz home decor at Tanglebank Gardens African Moms twigz home decor at Tanglebank Gardens African Moms twigz home decor at Tanglebank Gardens African Moms twigz home decor at Tanglebank Gardens African Moms twigz home decor at Tanglebank Gardens African Moms twigz home decor at Tanglebank Gardens African Moms twigz home decor at Tanglebank Gardens African Moms twigz home decor at Tanglebank Gardens African Moms twigz home decor at Tanglebank Gardens African Moms