Gardening 101: Gardening On A Budget

gardening on a budget

If you’ve been putting off improving your garden because you think it will be too expensive, here’s some good news:  gardening on a budget is possible!

All it takes is a little planning, patience and perseverance. Here are a few tips to help you on your way:

  1. Start from seed:
    gardening on a budget
    You can start many flowers, vegetables, herbs and other popular plants from seed.  Granted it will take a little longer to get that full, mature looking flowerbed, but it also brings a great feeling of accomplishment when you look out onto a bed with healthy plants you grew from scratch!
  2. Plant and divide:
    gardening on a budget
    When you do buy plants, you get a good bang for your buck when you buy perennials that will multiply allowing you to divide them in subsequent seasons to populate other areas in your garden, or swop with friends.
  3. Shape and shift:
    You don’t have to cover your entire landscape with plants. Creating an interesting mix of beds, ground cover, lawn and unplanted areas creates great visual interest. Unplanted areas can be covered with gravel, rock, mulch or even stepping stones, driftwood or sculptures to provide texture and drama.
  4. Repurpose, Recycle, Upcycle:
    Container Gardening gardening on a budget
    Use your imagination and repurpose old items sitting in your shed or garage. An old wheelbarrow can become a flowerbed.  An old tire can become a fountain.  Look with new eyes at the possibilities.
  5. Shrubs and Trees:
    Using beautiful shrubs and trees can provide ‘anchors’ in the garden. Choosing just one or two to add to your garden each season needn’t break the bank, but can add colour with seasonal flowers or interesting foliage.
  6. Elbow grease:
    Keeping things trimmed and cleaning up dead leaves, weeds and unruly branches doesn’t cost anything except some time and energy and it can make your garden look immaculate!
  7. Let there be light:
    Adding a few solar lights, or outdoor garden lights can add that final touch of pizzazz that will make your landscape an interesting and fun place to be day and night.  Just make sure that they placed or hung neatly. There’s nothing that creates an air of neglect like lights hanging haphazardly or bulbs that don’t work.

January In The Garden


JanuaryThe weather this winter has been pretty brutal! January in the garden has its challenges and chores and as soon as it warms a little – and hopefully it does – there are a few things to take care of.

Hopefully you’ve already protected vulnerable plants from the snow and ice and spread a good layer of mulch around the roots.  With the storms we’ve had, you might have had some damage to branches and it’s a good idea to cut of broken bits to prevent disease later on.

If the winter continues in this crazy cold fashion, you might not be able to do all that much outside other than some basic clean up, but, you can plan for the spring and summer.


Grab a nice cup of hot coffee, a sketch pad and a pencil and begin to dream your best garden plans now.  You’d be surprised at how quickly spring comes around.

If you’d like some inspiration for that dream garden, especially if you want it to be waterwise, check out these plans. Then make a list of what you’ll need to move and what plants you’d like to see.  Pay attention to creating colour and texture during all the seasons of the year. If you get stuck, or aren’t sure where to start,we’d be happy to help you.

garden tips JanuaryIf you like to start plants off from seed, now’s the time to start getting those seeds – we have a good selection from West Coast Seeds, so be sure to check those out.

Here is an article that will help you with information about how to start off your seeds and here’s an article that gives you information about how to transition your seedlings to the outdoors.

If you really can’t wait to get your fingers into the soil and begin growing something, consider starting an indoor garden.  You can grow edibles and flowers as well as the usual houseplants.

Although you might not get much done outside during January, as you can see, there’s plenty of gardening to be done!