5 Reasons To Bring the Outdoors Into Your Home.

bring the outdoors into your home

Most people would agree that plants are a great addition to your home and to your office space. Besides being great decor, they enhance wellness.

bring the outdoors in

Here are 5 positives plants bring to your day:

You’ll Breathe Cleaner Air: Plants remove toxins from the air and mitigate sick building syndrome.  Off-gassing by furniture, floor coverings and construction components is a fact of life. Plants help remove these leaving your environment healthier. Studies have shown that there are up to 60% less airborne molds and bacteria in a plant filled room.

You’ll Be Happier:
– Lowers stress by 37%
– Lowers depression by 58%
– Lowers anger / hostility by 44%
– Lowers fatigue by 38%

Nature has a calming and rejuvenating effect on humans. If you can’t spend your days (and nights) outside surrounded by nature, bringing the outdoors inside will help.  Even surrounding yourself with nature pictures will have a positive impact on your psyche, but as it’s so easy to incorporate living plants in your home and work space, why settle for anything less than the real thing?

You’ll Get More Done:
A plant filled environment increases productivity by 12%: In a study done  by Dr. Virginia Lohr, participants who worked in an environment with plants were 12% more productive than those who worked in an environment without plants. This study is one of many that have shown similar results.

You’ll Be More Comfortable Inside:
Incorporating plants in indoor environments helps keep it more comfortable and lowers your costs. Plants keep the humidity range within the human comfort level of between 30% and 60%. They also help cool the temperature when it’s hot outside. Both these factors mean that there is less building maintenance as there’s less structural damage due to temperature and humidity fluctuations as well as less need to artificially control the indoor climate.

You’ll Be More Successful:
A study at the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester in the U.K. determined that inattentiveness was reduced by 70% in rooms with plants and that students were more likely to achieve better academic results than those attending classes in lecture halls without plants.

If you have green thumbs, no doubt you’ll already have a few favorite indoor plants helping green your home and your work space.  If not, you’ve probably thought about using plants but felt that it might be too difficult to look after them.

SucculentsHere are 7 of our top picks for easy to grow plants that thrive in a variety of indoor conditions without much maintenance.

– Aloe
– Spider plants
– Cactus
– Ivy
– Rubber plants
– Peace Lily

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of incorporating plants in your home and office be sure to come in and chat with us!

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