DIY Succulent Frame

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Merriam-Webster‘s definition:

a : full of juice : juicy

b : moist and tasty : toothsome <a succulent meal>

c : of a plant : having fleshy tissues that conserve moisture

Just exactly the description I think of! Now most often I criticize or think of a more suitable name for the plants we carry here at Tanglebank but this is perfection- succulent.

Before really thinking about their perfectly suitable name I said to Dana, “they just look so juicy!” Don’t you agree?

I am so excited about this DIY! Because it is going to look very organic on the exterior wall of my home and it is something I’ve been wanting to experiment with  for awhile so I said to my husband, we’re moving in to a new house next week so what better time to do it! On top of packing…. “would you build me a frame for a succulent garden?” Being the best husband, he did and here it is!

It was honestly a really easy DIY and because of my job, it was even easier!

You can use any arrangement of hearty, full sun succulents. Make sure to ask the garden center whether the succulents you choose will be suitable to your climate, most of the truly gorgeous ones (like the photo above – Echevaria) will die off in the winter and you will need to refill the space the following summer. Some examples from this frame are: Sedum ‘Angelina’, Sempervivum or Hens and chicks,  arachnoideum ‘cobweb hen and chick’, ‘more honey’, Saxifraga and  Sedum ‘Capa blanco’.

If you would like to make up a box for a shady spot you can use: Sedum ‘angelina’, Lysimachia nummularia or ‘creeping Jenny’, Liriope muscari, Ophiopogon japonicus or ‘dwarf mondo grass’, ivy’s and viola’s for flower!

Our gorgeous finished product! Now I just have to patiently wait for it to fill in…


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