Fairy Garden Workshop!

Fairy Garden

This workshop is very near and dear to my heart, as a young, free spirited prairie girl with semi-hippie parents, I spent many-a-day setting up small homes of twigs and bark for fairies alongside mossy creeks, designing little twirling skirts of flower petals on twigs with beautifully messy heads of yarn hair. With the influence of ‘Fern Gully’, Julia Roberts as Tink in ‘Hook’, Fairywinkles, Skydancers (which may have been recalled due to their hard, unpredictable flying nature?) or the movie ‘FairyTale: A True Story’ which was the most realistic representation of fairy life, the 90s was all about fairies, and I’m happy to say that the fad is back!

There is something fulfilling and mystical about creating a tiny world of precise landscape with miniature stone paths and sitting area, a small life for the unknown to enjoy.

This workshop is your chance to create some magic. It’s a great opportunity for parents to bring kids or friends to come and build something that people can’t help but comment on and admire!

Pre-registration is required for the May 24th class. Please call 604.856.9339 or email tanglebank@telus.net.

Looking forward to seeing you there and the beautiful gardens you create!

Faith, trust and pixie dust.


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