Fall Foliage For Fall Colour

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Perhaps your garden doesn’t yet have a good mix of colour for all seasons.  No problem.  Bring colour into your landscape and around your home by planting Fall colour containers.

Fall is a beautiful season so why not enjoy it to the fullest?

There may not be too many colourful flowers at this time of year, but you can still create a show by combining plants with colourful foliage, texture and shape. Look for plants with interesting bark, berries, shapes and foliage. When it comes to containers, you’ll find lots of choice for colourful Fall foliage.

Here are a few ideas for plants that provide colour:

  1. Heuchera – there are many varheucheras fall containerieties, each with its own distinctive coloured foliage. Although they dies down somewhat in winter, they can still provide colour and are pretty hardy.  They work well in containers paired with ornamental grasses.
  2. Heucherella Brass Lanterns – similafall containerr to Heuchera, their rich warm bronzy orange colour can add a glow in a Fall container
  3. winter heather Fall ContainerWinter heather – while heather is normally planted directly in the ground, small winter heather plants in containers can add an element of bright colour.
  4. Fall ContainerVariegated ivy – provides a softness as it drapes over container edges.  Ivy is extremely hardy and will winter well.
  5. Ornamental grasses – the beauty of ornamental grasses isFall Container that they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.  They add movement, texture and interest to containers. There are varieties that show well in winter – ask your garden center for advice on which will work best in your specific situation.
  6. Bergenia Bressinghawinter interest plants Fall Containerm Ruby which is great in both spring and winter.  It has pink flowers in early spring but in winter the green glossy leaves turn rich red.
  7. Skimmia RubellaSkimmia Rubella is a small shrub that will also do well in containers. It boasts beautiful clusters of deep red buds in September right through to March when the buds open to reveal creamy pink fragrant blooms.

To get the best results from your Fall container gardening, here are some tips on the planting process http://tanglebank.com/blog/container-gardening-101/

If you are not sure how to choose compatible container companion plants, our friendly and talented horticulturalists can help you by offering suggestions and laying out these suggestions in groupings so that you can see what they would look like in a container.

They’ll also be happy to give you information on how to take care of your containers so that they continue to provide visual interest all year long.

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