Indoor Gardening: Easy And Healthy!

indoor gardening

Indoor gardening is the perfect antidote for stress!

Life can be stressful and not just mentally and emotionally. We’re constantly being bombarded by pollutants in the air at work and at home.

Is there anything you can do to counteract this? After all, the air we breathe is essential for life and it’s all around us. According to the research, one of the best things you can do for your health is to bring the outdoors inside.

indoor gardening

We’re big advocates for indoor gardening because it’s one of the fastest, easiest and simplest ways to way to overcome the issues created by polluted air.

Not only that, but indoor gardening is fun!  Indoor gardening is good therapy.  It relaxes you, lowers your stress levels while increasing your ability to focus and be productive.  Indoor plants clean the air, add visual beauty and help absorb ambient noise creating an environment that’s tranquil, calm and inspiring.

In our B.C. climate, indoor gardening is the answer to the Winter Blues and helps those of us who are itching to get out into our gardens to stave off the frustration of waiting for winter to turn into spring.

Even if you have a very small indoor space, you can still take advantage of this cost-effective form of ‘therapy’ both at home and even in your workplace. This information from Lindsay Holmes and Alissa Scheller explains a little more about the process of how to choose plants that will thrive in your specific indoor situation, whether it’s low or bright light, as well as the size of the space and the visual impact you want to create.

Want to grow your own fresh air? 

Kamal Meattle, Delhi based researcher and popular TED presenter, did an indepth study of the effect of plants on indoor air quality, and you’ll be amazed by what he discovered. Not only can you improve indoor air quality, but you can also ‘create’ your own fresh air by using the correct plants in the right ratios.
For instance, Meattle says that if you put Areca Palm, Mother-in-Law’s-Tongue and the Money Plant in an indoor space, they will create fresh air all day and all night.
These plants are so effective, that they will produce fresh air even if they are placed in an airtight dome that has had all the oxygen removed.
Meattle also discovered that certain plants, one being the Money Plant,  also cleans very harmful  toxins like formaldehyde out of an enclosed indoor spaces.  It is literally a cleaning or purifying tool that provides you with clean, fresh air.

One of the side benefits is that these plants can be used to create ‘green areas’ and visual screens in your home or office.  Another added advantage is that they’re fairly easy to grow, so you don’t need ‘green thumbs’. 

In our next article, we’ll tell you about some NASA research on indoor plants that’s just as fascinating!  In the meantime, enjoy this video by Kamal Meattle where he explains his research.

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