Simple Water Saving Tips For Your Garden:

water saving tips for the garden

Simple Water Saving Tips For Your Garden:

Although we are only in Spring and the Summer water restrictions haven’t yet started, the weather has become so warm that it won’t be long before they do.

Water saving tips for the garden

Here are some simple tips that will help you garden more sustainably and minimize the risk of increased water costs:

  • Water flower beds and lawns early in the morning
  • Water containers in the afternoon
  • Do not water in the evening

Not only will this make more efficient use of the water used, but the plants will be healthier. Your garden will have time to absorb the moisture and before the heat of the day and there is less evaporation. Your containers tend to dry out more quickly so watering n the afternoon allows plants to absorb moisture after the heat of the day and throughout the evening. Avoid watering during the evening as the moisture will not dry off the foliage and flowers and can encourage fungi to grow.  Always water before the plants begin to wilt. Leaving watering too long can result in fatal damage to the plants.

  • Use Sea Soil in your beds and containers. It’s even more efficient and nutrient rich than regular mulch. In fact when you use sea soil you don’t need to add mulch. It also has a better water retention.
  • Redirect, reuse, recycle:  Saving your excess cooking water and using it to water your plants is not only going to save on watering but it will also help to fertilize plants.  Catch rainwater from your roof in rain barrels and re-use in your garden rather than letting it slip into the sewage.
  • Add your home made compost to your soil for better water retention.  Saving your vegetable and plant waste and using it to create compost is a great way to garden sustainably.
  • Raised beds and natural material glazed pots will lose more water to evaporation than glazed or non-porous pots.
  • Use native plants that are drought tolerant in your area.  They thrive in the natural climate and therefore don’t need as much water as many non-native plants.

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  1. A hose with holes from the washer to the garden works great, dish rinsing water also, use a plastic pan for rinsing. Waste not, especially during droughts.

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