Keeping Your Holiday Plants & Greenery Looking Great


You go to a lot of trouble to make sure that your home is bright and welcoming during December. Part of that is adding plants and greenery as part of your holiday decor.

HolidayThere’s nothing brighter and more quintessentially a Christmas plant than Pointsettia.  Keeping it looking good – or even keeping it going so that it’s alive and well for the following year takes a little attention.

First of all, make sure that you don’t forget to water them frequently, but, whatever you do, don’t allow the pot to stand in water. Remove the tray underneath so the pot can fully drain. Pointsettias come from warmer, dryer climates so they like to be warm and dry – cold feet aren’t good for them! Make sure they get plenty of light. They especially like sunlight.

Christmas Greens HolidayEvergreen Christmas wreaths and garlands.  When you purchase the ‘fixings’ to make your Christmas wreath and garlands, choose the freshest possible.  Soak them in water overnight before you make them up.  This helps them to absorb moisture and stay fresher longer. You can also gently mist them every few days to maintain them even longer.

Amaryllis HolidayAmaryllis makes a delightful show at this time of year and they’re popular as hostess gifts too!  Because they’re bulbs you can enjoy them for years to come with just a little care.  Water sparingly – perhaps every 3 to 7 days. Don’t let them get too cold. If they freeze they will die.  When the blooms fade, cut them off to encourage reblooming.  Keep them in a pot as they prefer this to being planted in the ground.

Christmas Greens Are Here!

Christmas Greens Holiday

Christmas Greens are here!

Christmas Wreath

It’s time to get started with your Christmas decorating and we have the most gorgeous Christmas greens here for you.

Christmas Garland Christmas Garlands, Christmas Wreaths, already assembled and bright with berries, pine cones and fruit – these additions to your Christmas decor will make your home beautifully festive!

There’s nothing lovelier than fresh greenery at this time of year!  Those fake wreaths and garlands just don’t compare.  Make memories this year and delight your friends and family with this special touch.

Christmas GreenIf  you prefer to create your own wreaths and garlands from scratch, we’ve got the makings as well!  And by the way, look our for the upcoming Christmas workshops we’ll be announcing soon!

We also have Christmas Cactus, Amaryllis, Topiary Myrtle and Paper Whites in stock.

Christmas CactusAmaryllis Topiary Myrtlepaper whites

Christmas Greens


Come down and create a beautiful wreath or garland for your home this season.
Most greens can last approximately one week indoors without water but they will last throughout the Christmas holidays if they are kept outside. So,  a  piece of advice to save yourself some stress during the busy shopping season:  come down and make your wreath or garland and leave it outside until your house guests start to arrive!
Noble Fir $6.99/ bundle

Large Frosted Sticks $9.99

Dogwood tips 12.99

Long stems 5.50/stick

Eucalyptus $20.00

Magnolia long 16.99 bundle

Ilex berries 3.99

Rosehips 1.99

Florida juniper blue berries $12.99

Pine cones

Incense Cedar (yellow tips)

Using some winter greens on your mantle or in your entranceway is a great way to add a fresh woodsy feel to your home this year!  And nothing can beat that Christmas pine smell!