Fall Or Winter Gardening Projects For Kids

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Just because it’s getting colder doesn’t mean that you can’t entertain and educated kids with gardening projects.

Because kids have short attention spans and like instant gratification it’s a good idea to do a variety of projects – some with immediate payoff and some where they’ll learn patience as they wait for results.

Here are a few ideas to keep kids busy and engaged:

Immediate results:

    1. A miniature garden / fairy garden
      Both boys and girls will enjoy putting together a miniature garden if you gear it to their interests.  Here are some suggestions:
      – fairy garden
      – leprechaun garden
      – hotwheels garden
      – dinosaur garden
      – a beach garden
      There are no limits when it comes to miniature gardens. The requirements are fairly simple. You can purchase fairy garden accessories from us and you can also utilize your child’s own toys.  All you need is a a suitable container, potting soil, your container plants of choice and the accessories.
    2. A indoor herb garden

    1. An indoor planter using plastic bottles

    1.  A worm farm


Planting patience: teach your kids about the virtues of patience while you teach more about how nature works with these projects:

  1. Plant bulbs for spring flowers
  2. Container indoor vegetable garden
  3. Planting seeds

Create a Fantasy Fairy Garden

fairy garden

Create a fantasy Fairy Garden!

fairy garden ornaments

We have a whole range of beautiful, teeny, tiny fairy ornaments in stock – all ready to adorn your precious fairy garden.

Let your imagination take flight!

Fairy Gardens are so much fun – whether you’re a teeny, tiny little one or an adult who never quite relinquished your childhood dreams!  Come into Tanglebank today and choose your favorites before they are all gone!

fairy gardenfairy garden

fairy garden workshop

If you love the idea of creating your own special Fairy Garden, but aren’t sure how, why not join us for a hands-on workshop on June 18th at 10am?

To register, please call 604 856 9339!  There are limited spaces available so call today