Gardener Newbie? Easy Gardening Tips To Get You Going

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So you’ve decided that it’s time to garden but you feel overwhelmed.  Don’t panic, we have easy tips to help you make a success of your gardening efforts.

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Take inventory

For an existing garden:

If you’ve inherited a garden someone else planted then the best way to begin is to take some notes and pictures so that you can speak with your friendly horticulturalist at the local garden center.

Take a series of pictures of the garden layout, then photograph each plant close up.  You may not know what the plants are so the photos will help the garden center identify them for you.

For a new garden:

Make a note of what you like and don’t like.

Walk around your neighborhood to see what looks good in the surrounding gardens.  Taking pictures will help your garden center both identify the plant and tell you whether it’s likely to do well in your garden.

Take a picture of the garden area and make notes of the sun /shade patterns.

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Dream and Plan:

For both new and existing gardens:

Look at garden pictures online and in magazines. Save the pictures that you like.  Make a note of what you’d like your garden to look and feel like.What does your dream garden look like?  If you’re going to start gardening, you may as well work towards making that dream a reality.

Also make a note of your lifestyle.

Do you have lots of time to garden?  Do you love being outdoors? Do you want something low maintenance and functional?

All these details will help your garden center advise you about how to plan and plant a garden or plan and alter a garden to suit your specific requirements.

Put the Plan on Paper:

Mapping out your dream garden layout and the plants you want to surround yourself with is the best way to figure out what you’ll need to make that dream come true.

It will help you, together with your garden center horticulturalist, figure out exactly how many of each variety you’ll need and the tools you’ll need.  All this will help you work out what it will all cost.  If it’s beyond your budget, you can still work towards the end goal, but just scale it down by either doing a section of the garden as you can afford to, or by planting a ‘skeleton’ garden that can be fleshed out later.