How to Attract Hummingbirds and Other Pollinators Into Your Garden

attract hummingbirds

Not only is it good for agriculture to encourage and support pollinators, it’s also a lot of fun watching as they flutter and dart from flower to flower.


Here’s a quick video that gives you an overview of how you can attract these little critters into your garden:


Here are 5 old fashioned favourites that Hummingbirds love. 

These are all suitable for Zone 8 and provide you with lots of colour.  Many are also perennials so you won’t have to replant them every year.  Less work and more fun!

Get inspired then come in and chat with our horticulturalist to see how to combine these with other plants to extend flowering displays and to continue attracting pollinators as long as possible.


attract hummingbirdsLupines are colourful and come in a variety of shades.  They grow to around 3′ tall and spread to about the same amount. They’re perfect for the backs of borders or as a backdrop in a flowerbed.  Even when the blooms are gone, their foliage is beautiful. They’re easy going and you can plant them in full sun or part shade, just make sure the soil is moist and well drained.


attract hummingbirdsIt’s the perfect summer flower bearing pink, white, lavender or red flowers throughout summer.  The sweet fragrance is a magnet for hummingbirds and other pollinators. They grow to about 4′ tall and spread out about 3′.

Bee Balm:

attract hummingbirdsThe name says it all!  Another easy going perennial that grows about 3′ tall and 2′ wide and acts as a pollinator magnet! Flowers can be red, white, pink or violet. Plant in full sun or part shade in well drained soil.


attract hummingbirdsThese lovely perennials grow really huge!  They can get up to 8′ tall and 3′ wide.  Their blooms are gorgeous and can be single or double.  They come in a variety of colours.  Because they can get quite lanky, it’s best to plant these behind other, shorter flowering plants. Plant in full sun in well drained soil.

Coral Bells Heuchera:

attract hummingbirdsWe love Heuchera.  They’re the perfect, neglect proof perennials.  They grow up to 3′ tall and 2′ wide and when they’re not flowering, they have lovely foliage. Plant them in part shade in well drained soil.

Brenda’s Favorite Winter Interest Plants.

winter interest plants

Winter gardens definitely do not need to be boring if you include winter interest plants.


Here’s a list of my favorite winter interest plants to help you get started with turning up the heat in a cold winter landscape:


winter interest plantsBergenia
Snow Queen.  White flowers. Pure white flowers in spring. Deep glossy green foliage all winter
Rosi Klose.   Pink flowers in early spring. “””Ditto foliage
Bressingham Ruby.    Deep pink flowers in early spring.  Deep green glossy leaves turn rich red  in winter




Heuchera ‘Zipper’
Heuchera ‘Forever purple’
Heuchera  ‘Lime Marmalade’
Heuchera   ‘Sugar  Frosting’


heucherella-brass-lanternsHeucherella ‘Brass Lanterns’





Euonymus japonica Paloma BlancaEuonymus japonica Paloma Blanca.   An upright growing shrub with glossy green small leaves.  New growth in spring is pure white.  Great in containers or as a hedging shrub or specimen plant

Euonymus japonicus  ‘Aureo Marginata’. With mid sized bright green and golden yellow variegated leaves




Gaultheria procumbensGaultheria procumbens.  Or Wintergreen.  A low growing acid soil loving ground cover for shade to part shade with evergreen leaves white flowers in summer followed by bright red berries that when crushed release a beautiful wintergreen scent.



Skimmia RubellaSkimmia Rubella.  A great small shrub suited to shady sites or container gardens.  This plant produces beautiful clusters of deep red buds in September that remain thru March and then open to creamy pink  blooms that are extremely fragrant.


polar_gold_arborvitaeAssorted conifers






winter-heatherWinter Heather
Mary Helen.   Golden foliage produces bright pink flowers in winter
Kramers Red.   The all time favorite with deep green foliage and the darkest  of the pink flowers in winter


ChamacyparisChamacyparis obtusa ‘Nana Lutea’.  Aka dwarf golden hinoki cypress.  With its twisty turny form and brilliant golden and green foliage this plant is a star in the winter garden.   PAir it with  the sharp lance like foliage of Yucca ‘Garland Gold’ for brilliant effect.


Chamacyparis lawsoniana 'Ellwood Gold'Chamacyparis lawsoniana  ‘Ellwood Gold’. This columnar shaped conifer has beautiful blue foliage with gold shimmer.  Absolutely gorgeous in a container or in the sunny border.

Thuja occidentalis ‘Konfetti’.  This cedar shrub has deep green foliage with white gold markings.  Very unique and it sparkles in the winter garden.



Taxis baccatta fastigiata 'Aurea, Golden Irish YewTaxis baccatta fastigiata ‘Aurea,   Golden Irish Yew.  Beautiful variegated foliage with red berries in fall winter.  A personal favorite
This extremely long lived conifer does well in full sun or shade gardens and  adds dramatic height in a container garden and acts as a sentinel in the border




Low growing juniperus horizontalis 'Mother Lode'Low growing juniperus horizontalis ‘Mother Lode’ is a brilliant Carpet of gold on a slope.  or draping overt he side of a container or for something a little taller but still under a foot  try ‘Lime Glow’ with it s bright gold green carpet of foliage.


All of these plants have been chosen because they are perfect for our wet, cool B.C. winters.  If you’d like some ideas on how to incorporate them into your garden, please feel free to come in and chat with our talented horticulturalists.