New In Store for Spring:

Michel Design Works INto the Woods

Along with all the beautiful Spring flowers arriving in the nursery, we have some equally beautiful and fragrant items arriving in the store.


Anticipate Spring  with these lovely soaps, lotions and candles.  You don’t have to wait for warmer weather, you can enjoy them right now.

We’ve just received new shipments from Mistral:

mistral for springmistral for springAs well as new shipment from Michel Design Works:

michel design works for spring… and it’s not just soaps, lotions and candles!  You’ll find an array of exclusive home decor elements and ideas in store as well.  Add some European panache to your home and lifestyle… whether you dream of an English country garden or a French gite in Provence, you’ll find inspiration here!

Great gift ideas in store now!

Yes, it’s that time of year again!  The time when the days are shorter and you literally have less time to get all your Christmas shopping, decorating, baking and preparing done than you did a month ago!

Who hates last minute Christmas shopping?  We all do!

Here are a few ideas to help you get it all done well in advance and have time left over for a delicious Pumpkin Spice Latte in Brambles Bistro!

Michel Design Works:

Michel design works

Michel Design Works has a wonderful range of personal and home soaps.  They’re luxurious, have delicious fragrances and make perfect gifts!  They’re also a great addition to the bathroom or kitchen during this special time of year!

IngeGlas Christmas Ornaments:


IngeGlas Christmas ornaments are imported from Germany.  These beautiful examples of find European style really add a whole new dimension to the Christmas Tree. They also make exquisite gifts!

Christian Ulbricht Pyramides and Nutcrackers:

Christian Ulbricht Nutcrackers

Christian Ulbricht Pyramides

Christian Ulbricht Pyramides are also European in origin and add that special something to your Christmas decor.  They’ll remind you of the stories of old Saint Niclaus and the Black Forest… and of course, the Nutcracker Ballet!

Honey BessWax Candles

honey beeswax candles


Fraser Fir by Thymes:

Thymes Frasier-Fir

More selections from Thymes:

Thymes at Tanglebank

Thymes Fraser Fir Thymes Gingerbread Thymes simmered cider

Home Decor and Jewellery from Twigz


When you purchase items from the Twigz line of jewellery and home decor ranges, you not only gain a gorgeous gift, but you also help African Moms look after their children better!

More home decor:


Modern Pastoral Home Decor:

Modern Pastoral

Beautiful Modern Pastoral items for your home or for someone special!

Gardening Tools and Gift Sets:



fairy garden book


Modern Pastoral


Notebooks, Leather Bound Journals, Pencil Sets and Exclusive Greeting Cards:


leather journalsh-pencilsetsh-stamps-setAnd of course, the children’s favorites from Maileg:


We have quite a variety of interesting, quirky, funny and entertaining books and activities in store for both adults and children!

We have many more great gift and home ideas in stock – both in the store and in the nursery!  Why not stop by and we’ll help you find something for everyone on your list!


Creating a “Modern Pastoral” Look.


As we move from the outdoor life of summer and retreat inside we desire to pull the outside inside.

As summer ends, we retreat inside to weather the colder weather. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to continue enjoying the outdoors.  One way we can do this, while staying warm, is to bring the outdoors inside.  We’re not talking about just having some plants in our main living spaces.  We’re talking about surrounding ourselves with nature in so many visually beautiful ways.

Modern Pastoral This popular trend, known as “Modern Pastoral”,  is gaining in popularity as we crave a simpler, gentler, kinder lifestyle. 

Less glitz and more substance. A pared down rural lifestyle with nature as its main inspiration.  Think mossy forests, trails, pebbly rivers and beaches, prairie  and alpine meadows and the breezy ocean side.

Glitz and glamour is passe. Nature now anchors our homes. Who can resist those sturdy  timber frames, large expansive windows through which to enjoy picture perfect views of outdoor gardens?  Fieldstone rock becomes walls, not just fireplaces.  Wood paneling becomes a headboard.  Pieces of driftwood become accents, along with nests of eggs and the occasional well placed feather.  Rocks and greens, including ferns, become art in our homes.  Plants take centerstage in terrariums, baskets and pots. You’ll find them in every room, not just the kitchen or living room.  Vases filled with coloured leaves on maple branches from the garden.

It’s all about creating a natural transition between the tranquillity of outside and the security of inside.

Speaking of outside:  think grasses, mosses, ferns, and hostas. Think in terms of meadows and grassy spaces  versus a formal  garden .  Think trees with interesting bark, such as birch or paperbark maples.  “Modern Pastoral” is all about bringing nature back into our lives. It’s about simplifying our lives and creating healthier homes to enjoy at the end of a busy or stressful day.  It’s about creating a oasis to which we can retreat, rest, relax and restore.

How do you go about achieving this in your own home?  We’re glad you asked! 

We can help you with a lovely variety of “Modern Pastoral” products which are in stock right now.  Lots of variety, lots of ideas and even a book with fabulous advice.  Come in and take a look!

Modern Pastoral terrariumOh, and by the way, on Thursday, October 27th, we have a “Girlfriends Wine and Cheese Terrarium Night” – sign up with your girlfriends for this special night out where you’ll learn how to put together a gorgeous Terrarium while enjoying wine, cheese and lots of fun! Click here for details.