5 Summer Colour Choices

Summer Colour

Here are 5 great choices for late summer color and interest. 

Not only are these Proven Winner favourites, they are beautiful showy plants, and best of all, low maintenance, easy going perennials – meaning there’s not a lot of work involved in keeping them looking good.

Summer ColourDaylily – Rainbow Rhythm® Hemerocallis
Daylilies are everywhere in summer and there’s a good reason for that. They’re very low maintenance – just needing a little water plus, they last for years and multiply, filling your flower beds quickly and producing a reliable crop of summer flowers.
The Proven Winner varieties do come in a variety of colours including purple, yellow, red, orange, peach and bicolor – check with us as to what’s in stock at the moment.

Summer ColourFalse Sunflower – ‘Tuscan Sun’ Heliopsis
These easy going flowers add a gorgeous yellow gold to your garden from midsummer into early fall. The look is reminiscent of Black-Eyed Susans (Rudbeckia), but they’re less fussy, easier to maintain and will rebloom if you trim it back after the first round of flowers finishes. They prefer a mostly sunny to partly shaded spot in ordinary garden soil. Although it’s fairly drought resistant and loves the heat when established, you will need to water well until it is.

Summer ColourRussian Sage ‘Denim ‘n Lace’ Perovskia
Russian Sage is super easy going, prefers dryer soil and flowers during the hottest summer months. The only maintenance required is to cut back the stems in early spring. Some older varieties may be too large for smaller gardens, but the smaller ‘Denim ‘n Lace’ will be perfect just about anywhere. It grows to 2 ½’ tall and 3’ wide. It forms a dense, upright clump covered in flowers from midsummer.

Summer ColourSedum Rock ‘N Grow®  (Autumn Stonecrop)
Rock ‘N Grow stonecrop is very drought tolerant. It stores water in its succulent leaves and stems as a reserve meaning that you mostly don’t need to water it once it is established. Plant it in full sun and very well-drained soil, and do not add fertilizer or organic matter. Sedum comes in many sizes, shapes and colors. The Rock ‘N Grow collection includes both upright mounded and low spreading types that are hardy in zones 3-9. Expect them all to bloom in late summer and fall, providing a late season pollen source for bees and butterflies. Leave it alone in fall and then cut any remaining foliage down to the ground in early spring.

Summer ColourHosta Shadowland®
Here’s one for the shade garden. It’s the easiest, low maintenance perennial you can get.  Yes, we’re talking about Hostas which disappear underground during the winter only to pop up bright and healthy in the Spring. They quickly fill large spaces with their interesting foliage and thrive during the Spring, Summer and Fall in those difficult shady spots. Hostas grow best in organically rich soils and tolerate clay well. They like moist soil. They are happiest when grown under the canopy of tall trees

5 Perfect Perennials For Shade

It’s not always easy to find the perfect perennials for shade.

Most perennials like at least a little sun.  However the following top choices will thrive in a sheltered shady spot.

  1. Shade Garden Hosta Perfect Perennials For ShadeHostas come in a variety of shapes and sizes and in a variety of colors too. There are those with variegated foliage and those with solid green in a variety of shades, as well as the ‘blue’ hostas. Whether you have a small space or a large space, Hostas are the #1 choice for shade.  Ranging in size from 6″ to 6′ you will definitely be able to find one (or a variety) that will be perfect in your garden. These shade garden staples mostly flower in spring and summer and some even have a fragrance. Best of all, they multiply so you can, after a few seasons, divide them and plant them in other shady spots as well!  These plants die back in Winter but come Spring they’ll pop up again!
  2. Perfect Perennials For ShadeGeraniums – we’re not talking about the so called geraniums you associate with Swiss Chalets, but rather the original Geraniums which spread and have a gorgeous blue or pink flower. They grow in mounds and are very easy going requiring little or no maintenance. They do die back in Winter but come Spring they’ll spring to life again and will flower from late Spring right through the Summer.
  3. Perfect Perennials For ShadeAjuga is a tough little ground cover that has dark green or even purple foliage and striking blue flowers in the spring.It’s pretty hardy and doesn’t really die off in winter.
  4. BleediHummingbird_bleeding-heart Perfect Perennials For Shadeng Heart is another very showy and very easy perennal.  Their gorgeous multilayered pink and white heart shaped flowers are a delight in Spring and early Summer. Some varieties have green foliage and others have a golden tint. These gorgeous plants die off early – mostly around June, but they will pop back up in the Spring.
  5. spring helleboresHellebores pop up early in the Spring.  They have unusual flowers that look almost as if they’re hand made from tinted silk in understated pinks, mauves and tinges of green.  These lovely plants are also known as ‘Christmas Rose’.  They will begin fading by mid Summer.

While these are the most popular and well known of shade plants, there are many more, both flowering and non-flowering.  Shade gardens can be an oasis of tranquility and cool in the heat of summer.  Come in and chat with our talented horticulturalists to find out what varieties will work best for your particular garden and preferences.