Shrove Tuesday Pancake Breakfast!

Join us on Shrove Tuesday for a gourmet Pancake Breakfast!

Sour Cherry & Chocolate Pancake with Orange Chantilly Cream Maple Syrup

Here’s what’s on the menu:

Sour Cherry & Chocolate Pancake
with Orange Chantilly Cream
Maple Syrup

Candied Bacon Pancake with Bourbon
Maple Syrup

Join us on Shrove Tuesday, February 9th to enjoy!  Call 604.856.9339 or email to book!  Space is limited so hurry!

Pancake Tuesday 2015

It’s BACK! Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday or Pancake Tuesday, whichever name you fancy, it’s coming up tomorrow, February 17th this year!

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Mix a pancake
Stir a pancake,
Pour it in the pan,
Fry a pancake,
Toss a pancake,
Catch it if you can!


Traditionally falling on the day before Lent begins where Christian households use up perishable goods and have their fill of rich, decadent foods in anticipation of the 40 day fast!
Originating in 1445 in Olney, England, pancake flipping contests and races with pan and cake in hand accompanied eating stacks of flapjacks on Shrove Tuesday. These races are still taking place today, most famously in Europe.

We just wanna be part of the fun and of course can’t resist a day of indulgence! I’m not talking pancake mix pancakes, I mean, fresh eggs and real butter pancakes with the typical flare and finesse that is the esteemed Brambles Bistro.

Tomorrow we are featuring:

Berry-Pomegranate Yogurt Pancakes
with raspberry-yogurt mousse, strawberry coulis and pomegranate syrup

Yam and Roasted Pepper Rosti Pancakes
with two sunny side eggs, avocado-tomato salsa and basil sour cream

Indulge with us! (even if you’re not participating in the fast….everyone loves a twist on the original pancake)