DIY Compost Tips

DIY Compost winter

We all know that compost is a great addition to the garden and we all know that recycling is a good idea. 

So combining the two composts and making your own compost should be a great idea, right?

DIY CompostIf you’d like to try your hand at recycling your own kitchen and garden waste to create your own compost, here are some tips to help you achieve that goal.

The great thing about making your own compost is that it doesn’t need to cost you very much at all.

You don’t need to buy fancy composting systems or additive microbes or any other tools.  All you really need is a few containers to handle the various compost components during the various stages..

Your kitchen and garden waste, as it rots will create all the necessary microbes on it’s own. And all you need to do is to keep the kitchen waste in some kind of bin or container and keep the yard waste in another, bigger container.

Allow the kitchen waste to begin decomposing and then add it to the yard waste container a few times a year.

The containers can be as simple as garbage cans with holes punched into the lids to aerate them.

A few popular methods of DIY Composting:

DIY CompostSome people just put the yard waste in a big pile in a corner, out of sight.  This works but the trouble is that it can also provide a home for rats and other unwanted pests.  It’s best to keep it contained so that these critters don’t have easy access.

Others like to keep it even simpler.  They keep their kitchen waste in a container in the fridge until they’ve built up enough, then simply dig a hole and bury the waste in the designated area in the garden.  The earth takes care of the composting process and pretty soon there a lots of nice, juicy worms working away!

The key is to just get started.  It’s easy. It’s realtively quick. It’s super inexpensive.  It’s also great compost that you can then dig into your garden to enrich the soil and add vital nutrients that will keep your plants healthy and vibrant.

Please feel free to come into Tanglebank Gardens and have a chat with us about making your own compost if you have any questions or need advice.  We’re always happy to help!