It’s Time to Start Thinking ‘Spring’!

Spring primulas

It’s time to start thinking ‘Spring’ and we have just the right plants to brighten up your garden


Check out these cheerful Primulas:

Spring primulasand how about these potted Daffodils?

spring potted daffodils
not to mention these gorgeous Hellebores

spring helleboresThings are beginning to warm up and it’s time to get your garden prepared for this wonderful season. Click here for a few tips to help you get started.

We have what you need to create your dream landscape. Whether you prefer to plant from our potted items or start with a seed, you’ll find everything from flowers, to shrubs, to herbs, annuals and perennials as well as a good range of West Coast and GMO free seeds.

non gmo seedsCome in and spend some time in the nursery and the store.  We’ll help you with advice, products and plants… everything you need to get off to a successful Spring garden!

spring is almost here

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