Want Fall Colour? A few good choices

You can enjoy Fall Colour with these versatile plants.

When you think ‘Fall’, usually you also think of the rich warm foliage colours as leaves turn from their summer green to shades of orange, brown, russet and purple.  But you don’t usually think of flowers.  The good news is that you can still enjoy gorgeous flowers even in Fall, and yes, even in cool, wet, south west  British Columbia.

Here are a few of recommendations:

sedum pure joy

Sedum: pure joy


Sedum: Maestro




Anytime Pansiolas


Cheyenne Sky Ornamental Grass


Summerific Perennial Hibiscus

Asters, hardy Mums, fall flowering Sedums, Heuchera or Coral Bells, ornamental grasses, perennial Hibiscus and Pansiolas are all great choices to bring cheerful colour to your garden during the months when the summer blooms are fading and branches begin to look a little bedraggled and bare.

Hydrangea IncrediballFall Flowering Shrubs

If flowers aren’t your thing and you prefer shrubs, then consider the Hydrangea.  There’s a reason that they’re so popular.  They’re easy to grow and they can take a wide variety of climatic conditions from full sun and heat to drought to cooler temperatures common here during Fall.  The added bonus is that not only are they extremely forgiving and low maintenance, they’re also very showy with gorgeous abundant blooms during the summer right through into the Fall.

Unlike flower blooms which tend to fade as they age, some varieties of hydrangea such as “Firelight” and “Bobo” change color with the seasons and look wonderful as they do.

Even better, you can cut the blooms for drying so that you can enjoy them all winter long indoors.


Hydrangea Firelight


Hydrangea Bobo

Hydrangea Blue Jangles Fall Color

Hydrangea Blue Jangles

Hydrangea Diva Fall Color

Hydrangea Diva

If you don’t see anything here that appeals to you, we have more choices in the garden centre, so feel free to stop by and ask us to show you what’s available.  Fall is a great time to plant!


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