WaterWise Garden Layouts

waterwise garden layout: natural

WaterWise Garden Layouts.

In our previous articles on Xeriscaping and How to Spot a Drought Tolerant Plant, we promised that we would provide you with some actual garden plans to create your very own beautiful WaterWise Garden.

So here they are:

  1. The NATURAL WaterWise Garden Layout:


This garden layout flows in a relaxed and seemingly natural progression that leads you through discovering new vistas at every turn. Although the layout is easy on the eye and easy on water usage, as you can see it does take careful planning and design to achieve this ‘effortless’ natural garden look.

2. The  ENGLISH INFORMAL WaterWise Garden Layout:
The English Informal Waterwise Garden Layout

The English Informal Garden layout is more structured than the Natural layout, but still provides a lovely balance between structure and informality, making it a relaxing, calm space.


3. The FORMAL WaterWise Garden Layout:

 The FORMAL WaterWise Garden Layout:
The Formal Garden Layout is, as its name suggests, a more structured and symmetrical design giving the feeling of calm orderliness where everything is in it’s place and there’s a place for everything.  If you like your landscapes to feel completely balanced and want to add a little formality to complement the architecture and atmosphere of your home, then this design will work well for you.

To help you even further with planning your own unique WaterWise garden layout, we’ve included a comprehensive list of typical Xeriscaping plants together with their hardiness zones. Click here to access them: XeriscapePlantList

If you need some advice or help with planning and planting your WaterWise Garden, please reach out to us by phone at 604 856 9339, or by email here, or come in and chat with us – here are the directions.

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