Our Story

Arnold’s grandfather, Harold Bowles immigrated to Nipiwin Saskatchewan in 1912 from England with an intent to be a farmer. He started Tanglebank Farms for grain, cattle, dairy and hogs, naming it after a tangled bank of Saskatoon bushes on his first Canadian property. In March of 1946 he picked up and took the Tanglebank name to the West Coast landing at 3109 Gladwin Road, Abbotsford, where he farmed dairy, chicken and hogs. Arnold’s mother, Linda Treliving, moved to our current property in 1981 and produced an opportunity for Arnold and Brenda to start a dream, opening Tanglebank Gardens in 1996.

Tanglebank Gardens began with a simple idea of getting our hands dirty, a dedication to helping other grow food and create beautiful gardens, so we opened a greenhouse. Deeply rooted in our history we have grown together, after 16 years from that originally simple idea, Tanglebank evolved out of the skills of our children, and opened Brambles Bistro in 2012. Lauren, our eldest daughter began farming small fruits and vegetables investing in the talent of her younger sister Kayla while she created the original menu that our customers fell in love with in June 2012.

Brambles Bistro is devoted to creating inventive and mouthwatering flavours from scratch, embracing the art of homemade foods that will tantalize your taste buds and inspire you to create and explore your own kitchen. With a seasonally changing menu, our ingredients are sourced from our own backyard garden and from local providers whenever possible. In the bistro we combine hearty comfort foods with new twists and the artistry of West Coast fusion.

We are family centered; often fifth generation kids are seen digging up worms, riding in wheelbarrows and watering the chefs’ vegetable garden out back. Not unlike the tangled bank of Saskatoon bushes that inspired the name Tanglebank, we are deeply intertwined within one another’s lives, relying on each other’s talents and gifts and focused on cultivating the land.

We are family owned and ran with a passion for what we do and a palate for quality.

Simple. Local. Seasonal.