Beautiful color. Impeccable Quality.

It is our dream that The Gardens at Tanglebank would be a source of inspiration, inspiring our guests (you) to cultivate beauty in your life, extending the beauty of your life into your home and the outdoor world around you whether it is a balcony, patio, your own garden or community garden. 

Explore our water-wise garden, the shady rhododendron walk, and our large collection of hydrangeas; winter’s garden, the butterfly border, the great lawn with its long borders and the garrigue garden as well as the kitchen gardens. 

Our Boutique style garden centre showcases unique and outstanding plant cultivars including one of the largest collections of hydrangeas and Japanese maples in the Fraser Valley. In the nursery you won’t find rows of plants labeled A thru Z, rather you will find beautiful vignettes designed to showcase plants and combinations that you can easily incorporate into your garden and life.


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Not sure what will work in your garden? No problem! Our designers will help take the guess work out of it. Our design services will help you create the perfect garden no matter the size.